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Interesting night on Idol..

March 26, 2008

Tonight was definitely interesting on Idol. The contestants sang songs from the year of their birth, which wasn’t my favorite category, but it was neat to see what the contestants did with it.

First of all..the great performances went to the two leading men this season, Michael Johns and David Cook. Michael has a real talent for singing Queen, and tonight’s performance was awesome. He certainly chose the right song this week.

David Cook blew everyone away this week with a stellar performance. It was so good, in fact, that the judges have picked him to win the competition. His interesting and courageous arrangement of “Billie Jean” was one of my favorite performances this season. I would have to agree with the judges and say that he is the one to beat this season.

Carly took a song I liked, and didn’t do a lot with it. The performance was okay, but she really needs to step it up. I guess we’ll see tomorrow if she will be in the bottom three, although I doubt that will happen again anytime soon.

Agreeing with the judges, I wish that Brooke White had not incorporated the band in her performance. It started off really strong, but she struggled to make it really amazing. Brooke has had two weaker performances in a row, which may hurt her soon, but not in the near future. Another blah performance goes to Ramiele. I just do not care for her at all, and her performance this week just didnt cut it, although Simon said that it was good enough to make it through to next week.

Another disappointment would have to be Jason Castro. Jason is really cute, but cute can only take you so far. He needs to prove to the judges that he’s more than just a pretty face that can play guitar.

Syesha did pretty good. I personally enjoyed the performance, surprisingly enough, but I have a feeling she will be in the bottom three next week. Her rendition of “If I Were Your Woman” was strong, but I don’t think America likes her.

I was not feeling David Archuleta at all this week. I couldn’t recognize the song he sang, and I can promise you that I would have hated the original version. The judges had mixed comments. Randy seemed to think that David’s “got mad skills” whereas Simon compared it to a theme park performance (whatever that is). I’m crossing my fingers that he does better next week because I’m positive he’ll make it through.

Now..the worst of the night would have to go to Chikezie (or Chikcheezy). Chikcheezy has a pretty good voice, but his performance was, as the name goes, CHEESY. I am almost for sure that he will be in the bottom three, and might be the one to go home.

Although Kristy Lee wasn’t the worst…my dislike for her has prejudiced me. I think the song choice was really really odd, and I was totally surprised that the judges didn’t hate it. I pray that she’s the one that goes home. She just isn’t talented enough to be on that show.

So…my predictions for the bottom three are: Kristy Lee, Chikezie and Syesha. We’ll see what happens.

Until next time!


Too much of a good thing..

March 20, 2008

Hey, Sarah here to catch you up on American Idol. At least the parts that matter!

I was excited to hear that the contestants would be performing Beatles songs, and I was even more excited to hear that they would be performing the songs this week. However, after tonight…I have definitely changed my mind.

First of all, although the contestants wanted us to believe that they were thrilled to be singing the Beatles yet again, I could tell that they were getting stressed out. Brooke White’s performance was unusually lackluster, and Ramiel just couldn’t pull it together.

Michael Johns (one of my favorites) needs to get a grip. His song choices keep getting worse, and I just hope that it isn’t too late! Fortunately, he went on to the top 10, so I am hoping that he will surprise us next week.

David Cook is playing the part of the resident rocker on Idol very well. He will continue to do well in the competition if he continues on the path that he’s on. His performance on Wednesday was certainly not as good as last week, but I have a feeling that he’s just going to get better and better.

Syesha escaped the chopping block with a surprisingly pleasant rendition of “Yesterday”. I have never been a fan of hers, but I cannot deny that she did great (and neither could the judges.) She squeaked by this week, but I doubt she will go very far.

Chikezie…I wish America would put me out of my misery already. His version of “I’ve Just Seen a Face” was horrifying to me. I’m hoping he fizzles out and SOON.

Speaking of fizzling out..why is Kristy Lee Cook still in this competition? She fizzled out before she even started, in my opinion. If we are talking talent here, then she just doesn’t compare to others on the show. I think next week will be her last week with us, and good riddance if that’s true.

David Archuleta is my favorite contestant by far. His voice is amazing, and he never gets on my nerves while he’s onstage. David is my pick to win this year, unless I’m very much mistaken.

Jason Castro is absolutely adorable, although his vocals sometimes leave something to be desired. Jason may have a few tricks up sleeve, and I hope that’s true because I would love to see him stay.

And…Carly Smithson was in the bottom 3 tonight. My response is WHAT? I hope that was just a fluke this week.

And lastly..Amanda Overmyer. I’ve never been a fan, so I’m not sorry to see her go. However, Kristy Lee should have gone home this week because Amanda has twice the talent and ten times the personality. Goodbye Amanda!

Until next time…