An “inspirational” week on Idol..


Well, imagine my surprise when Kristy Lee hung on for another week. I’m not going to say that she’s going home this week, though, because I always seem to jinx myself.

Poor Ramiele…she was so cute, but I think she had reached her peak long ago. I’m not sad that she’s gone, but I feel like she could have surprised us later on down the line. Speaking of surprises, Brooke White surprised many people by being in the bottom three last week, but she may as well get comfortable there because her performance this week was dismal.

Michael Johns did great this week, in my opinion. Simon claims that he’s becoming a “wannabe”, but I couldn’t disagree more. He has stood out the entire competition, and tonight’s performance leads me to believe that he will be in the top three.

In contrast, David Cook really disappointed me this week. I like the song that he chose, but there was something off about it. I’m going to go ahead and say that he will not be in the bottom three because he has a huge following.

Syesha and Kristy Lee were one in the same for me, last night. There is nothing that stands out about either of these girls. Kristy Lee is mediocre to the highest degree, and I can’t believe that she comes back each week. I feel that at this point in the competition, the dead weight is being weeded out. So, the next to go has to be Kristy Lee or Syesha.

Jason Castro was great last night! I loved the song he sang, and he really does have a distinctive style and voice that will get him noticed whether or not he wins Idol or not.

David Archuleta was my favorite. “Angels” is an awesome song, and I love the way he sang last night. David is also one of my picks for the top three.

Carly Smithson isn’t getting any better, but isn’t getting any worse. Her performance of a Queen song got mixed reviews from the judges, and I think she’s losing steam. I really hope she steps it up next week because I don’t think she’s going home.

A little side anyone noticed that Randy is the new Simon? His comments keep getting harsher. I would be impressed if I could understand what he was saying half the time.

SO, I have been wrong, but my tentative picks for the bottom three: Brooke, Syesha, and Kristy Lee. I would almost say Carly, but I am not sure. I think Syesha is going home this week. What do you think? The competition is getting good, but I have a feeling that it will be between three guys this year to win.

Also, Idol Gives Back was great tonight! I hope you enjoyed it.


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