My dreams came true…


Sorry for my brief hiatus. As some of you may know, moving home for the summer from college can be a little crazy.

What I missed…Brooke and Jason’s departures definitely pleased me. I can’t believe that I even liked Jason at first. By the end of it all, he was probably my least favorite. I’m glad he is gone, although he was a sweet kid. I was also extremely happy that America sent Brooke home also. She deserved to leave.

I don’t even think I have to make a prediction as to who goes home tonight. If Syesha stays after last night, I’ll be surprised. Even if she performed the best, I still could never see her in the top two. I think she knows that, too.

Ok, so last night was one of my favorite nights of the whole season. My only wish was that Michael had been in the top three where I thought he would be at this point. Syesha was disappointing, and the producer’s song choice was really odd. I just didn’t enjoy her performances at all. However, her hair looked great.

David Cook was amazing as always, although his performances last night were not my favorite of the season. The arrangement of “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” was really neat. I still hold firm that he’s the one to win.

But some small part of me thinks that David Archuleta will win because everybody loves him. And how could you not? He is cute AND he has a great voice. America loves him, and I do too. But…I still want David Cook to win this year. I feel like he can have more of a career than little David.

So, I guess we’ll find out tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that Syesha goes home, but I don’t really think that will be necessary.


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