Goodbye Josiah…

February 16, 2008 by

Well we said goodbye to Morristown native Josiah Leming Wednesday on Idol. I thought he was a good singer, but you have to admit the stunt with the band in his last performance did him in. You almost wonder if they just kept him around for dramatic purposes only.

Read an exclusive interview with Josiah in this Knoxville News Sentinel column.

The top 24 contestants biographies have been posted on the American Idol Web site now.

I think my favorites for this season are  Asia’h Epperson, David Archuleta and Michael Johns.

Who’s your pick?



And Now… Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

February 14, 2008 by

Well the strike is finally over.

Now the rumors are flying as to when our favorite shows will be back on the air.

I can certainly say I’m happy to hear that I’ll be able to get back to my regular TV-watching habits. I’m anxious to see what happens to Meredith, McDreamy and Rose’s love triangle on Grey’s Anatomy, more of House’s crazy antics and if Michael and Lincoln will finally get back to the U.S.

From what I’ve read online here is a short rundown of when some popular shows will be returning. You can check out a complete listing on this TV Guide blog post.

CBS is scheduled to begin shooting new episodes of most of its cancelled programing and begin airing starting the last week of March. ABC’s hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives plan to shoot four to seven new episodes to air in April/May. Fox is expected to shoot four to six new episodes of House that will begin airing in April/May.


Lots of Talent During Week One

February 13, 2008 by

Well this is it. The time that millions of American’s crowd around their televisions to see who their next president American Idol is and I think this is going to be a great season.

Even though I thought the auditions started out a little rocky, things are looking better now. It could be because only a few of the really good singers are shown on the air during the first auditions. You know they have to save airtime for all of those really really bad auditions that we all love.

One significant change that I liked about week one in Hollywood was that the contestants were able to play instruments. I think it shows that they have more talent than just singing. I know, I know Simon – it’s a SINGING competition, but the instruments added a little flavor. Sometimes.

David Hernandez from Arizona had a great stage performance. He really had the crowd moving. The judges liked him, too. Even Simon said he was “one of the best they had seen so far.” I think we’ll be seeing a lot more from him this season.

Carly Smithson was another voice to remember. All three judges liked her. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see more of her on season five.

Asia’h Epperson’s performance of I’m Going Down was also really good.

And there’s Tennessee’s very own, Josiah Leming. He’s from Morristown here in East Tennessee. I really like his style and even the British accent that pops up when he’s singing. The judges liked him in the first performance, but the second time around was a different story. Hopefully he’ll get it together before next time – I think America will like him – and vote for him.

Kyle… what can you say. He seems to be a nice guy, but I think he should stick to politics. Paula was right, the first performance was corny. Really corny. But he definitely turned it around with his second chance. I think he’ll get some votes. Perhaps he’s the this season’s Sanjaya 🙂

He may have had trouble with his vocal chords only a few years ago, but 16-year-old David Archuleta has what it takes. I think he probably got the best review from the judges of the night. Randy said his performance was the best of the day, Paula simply said he was a gem and Simon told him he had a lot going for him – young, good looks, likable… and yes, a good voice.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night who the top 24 are during the first results show. It will begin at 8 p.m. on Fox. Don’t miss it!

Until next time,

Come Meet Harvey

February 12, 2008 by

Jonesborough Repertory Theatre welcomes everyone’s favorite six foot rabbit to the stage as they present the 1943 classic HARVEY, a comedy by Mary Chase.

HARVEY has been a favorite since it was brought to the Broadway stage in 1944, winning the Pulitzer Prize for drama and continuing to run for almost 4 years.

Many may remember HARVEY as the classic 1950 film starring Jimmy Stewart.

The story is of Elwood P. Dowd, a polite, peculiar character who has never met a stranger. He has just one challenging character trait, however; his best friend is an invisible six-foot-tall rabbit named Harvey. Elwood reads to Harvey, includes Harvey in conversation, and even carries an extra hat and coat for his invisible friend. Elwood’s sister, Veta, and her daughter, Myrtle Mae, are (to say the least) not thrilled about this friendship and decide to have Elwood committed to the local sanitarium to spare the family from current and future embarrassment. The mild-mannered Elwood ends up having a strange impact on the psychologist and his staff who, in a sense, carry their own invisible “Harvey” with them.

One commentator pondered, “Is [Elwood’s friendship with Harvey] really all that harmful to society?” A good question in our world today – What is truly dangerous to our society? A good natured, laid-back dreamer with a brilliant imagination, or those who want the dreamer to obey the rules of the more ‘normal’ side of reality?”

The characters and cast include: Lacie Black as Myrtle Mae Simmons, Dottie Davis as Veta Simmons, Kevin Burke as Elwood P. Dowd, Sharon Squibb as Miss Johnson & Mrs. Tewsbury, Janette Gaines as Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet, Rachel Gloess as Ruth Kelly R.N., Paul Charpie as Duane Wilson, John Beard as Lyman Sanderson M.D., Dave Carter as William Chumley M.D., Pam Johnson as Betty Chumley, Angus Walton as Judge Omar Gaffney, and Andy Cobble as E.J. Lofgren.

The show is directed by Kathleen Brannon Buttolph, stage management by Janette Gaines, props management by Daniel Wallen, lighting design by Karen Elb, and light board operation by Landon Simmons.

Many of Jonesborough’s fine restaurants and overnight establishments such as Bistro 105, Cranberry Thistle, Dogwood Lane, and The Historic Eureka Inn will be offering discounts or packages when you present your ticket or call ahead.

Harvey is a clever comedy thats fun for all ages. OPENING VALENTINE’S DAY!!
Harvey performance dates include Thursday – Saturday, February 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, February 17 & 24 at 2 p.m. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Historic Jonesborough Visitors Center at 423-753-1010. $12 for general admission. $10 for students and seniors.

Jonesborough Repertory Theatre is located at 125 ½ W. Main Street – next door to The Historic Eureka Inn, and across the street from Jonesborough Presbyterian Church.

For more information on HARVEY or JRT’s upcoming student production, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, visit their website at


Be careful what you wish for …

February 7, 2008 by

Want to know what’s on “The Love List”? Well, you need tickets to one of the upcoming performances at the Johnson City Community Theater.

Joe Smith, who handles publicity for the JCCT, said he’s seeing more and more patrons from Unicoi County attending the performances at the theater, and, in fact, I’ve talked to several folks from Erwin, including former Vice Mayor Connie Denney, who tell me how much they enjoy the shows. Connie remembers particularly enjoying “Ten Little Indians,” “Godspell” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

Of course, in recent years, a number of Unicoi Countians have had starring roles in many of the productions.

The Erwin Record is one of the corporate sponsors for “The Love List,” a comedy guaranteed to deliver an evening full of laughs.

The show opens Friday, Feb. 15, at 8 p.m. and continues Feb. 16, 22, 23 and 29 and March 1 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 24, at 2 p.m.

To learn more about the Johnson City Community Theater, visit its nice Web site at A nice musical score will keep you entertained while you search through the site.

Here’s some details about “The Love List”:

“The Love List” introduces Bill, a statistician and lonely bachelor who has not had much luck in the female department. In fact, he has been single for many years. Eager to help his friend find true love, Bill’s close buddy, Leon, gives him a subscription to a dating service that he purchased from a gypsy woman. As it turns out, this dating service is no ordinary match-making service.

The first assignment is to develop a list of the top 10 traits in the ideal woman. Bill and Leon have different opinions of what this dream girl should be. But no sooner does Bill finish this list when there is a knock at the door and young Justine arrives. And to Bill’s surprise, she is a walking checklist of his original list.

At first it’s all fine and dandy, but as Bill and Leon begin making alterations to the list, they realize that Justine is changing, too. In some instances, it’s hilarious, but other times it becomes disastrous. It’s a lesson in being careful for what you wish for in this hilarious comedy for Valentine’s season.

Produced through special arrangement with Samuel French Inc., The Love List stars Brad Davis, Lindsay Light and Chris Murray and is being directed by Sharon Ramsey Salmers.

This show contains mature subject matter and is intended for adult audiences only.

Tickets are $10 for students and seniors and $12 for adults. Reservations can be made by calling 926-2542.

Enjoy the show,